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Craftsman Furniture really has been Welcomed with open arms across the Asia - by both homeowners and contractors and it’s wholly due to their dedication to offering the best design, quality, service and value for money. They have found that given the choice, customers dont like flat-packed furniture and, they know the secret to success is to give customers what they want. So, every piece of quality Craftsman Furniture is fully assembled by their skilled workforce before delivery! At Craftsman Furniture customers always come first. They pride themselves on getting things right first time, every time. This commitment to customer service is what sets them apart in todays competitive market place. We know how important it is for you to get your bedroom furniture, Office Furniture on time - no matter where you are in the Asia. So, we The Bedroom, Office & Shop are a premier stockist and work closely with Craftsman Furniture and have our own fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles and drivers and a specialist courier delivery service take weekly deliveries and collections from Craftsman Furniture all supported by the latest tracking and reporting technology so we can bring your piece of Craftsman Furniture direct to your door staight from the premier Asia stockist The Bedroom Office & Shop.

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We would like to introduce our selves as one of all leading establishment dealing in almost all type of Interior, furniture items of factory , office and bungalow as per requirements.We are in this profession Since 1980 and since then we have completed so many projects.